Arkom Nurse Call

The Arkom System is a true IP based Nurse Call System incorporating the latest embedded technology. Designed with multiple applications in mind the Nurse Call System remains flexible yet feature-rich.  It utilises the speed and flexibility of an Ethernet network allowing for implementation in various environments. Consisting of the Arkom HX controller which can work as a standalone or networked device (no head-end) and and optional Arkom GX  if reporting or interfacing gateways such as DECT or paging is required. Exploiting IP network technology, the Arkom Nurse Call System is extremely fast with a display response time of less than .5 sec.  For more information please visit ARKOM Health Systems.

Arkom HX

The Arkom HX has 16 physical dual input RJ45 sockets allowing for a maximum of 32 individual inputs if dual call points are utilised. Both momentary and/or latching call points can be utilised simply by selecting your requirement in the programming setup. It also consists of 24 (8x3) outputs for overhead lights or other devices. The display controller is built into each Arkom HX allowing for flexibility, ease of installation and future expansion. The HX can work as a standalone device or as a networked set of units able to manage local messages, display zoning, priorities and more all with no head-end.

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Arkom GX

The Arkom GX is an add on to the Arkom HX. Providing Gateways such as DECT and paging the unit also incorporates Nurse call reporting. The Arkom GX utilises embedded Linux technology providing the best in terms of reliability, security and performance. The GX will also allow for remote monitoring and login for easy service and maintenance.

Arkom WX

Coming Soon.
​Wireless version of the HX.